How to finish a painting?


What I am trying to explain in my first blog is not the usual approach….There are hundreds of books which will explain to you how to paint step by step. At first glance it may appear they are truly good, to learn how to paint through easy methods. You will get excited to start painting and you will start it also.

Then it will happen …
You won’t get what you expected. Your attempt will end in failure and what you are seeing on your canvas is a muddy picture!
You will feel shocking disappointment because you didn’t achieve what you have expected. When you read that book everything seems easy but once you start, things don’t go as you expected. Why ? What went wrong ?
You have a question in your mind.
No answer for that. Only confusion. You start to feel the problem lies in you.

But, in truth it’s different, problem does not lie in you. It lies somewhere else. Somewhere else! What is it ?
It is … If you want to paint like him you will also need to think like him.
In this book I am trying to explain how artist’s mind works when he is painting. If you know it then you will realize what you have to do to create a successful painting.

will continue….stay in touch


Vilas Nayak

708F0B04-129F-507D-786B-B1C504B5783DVilas Nayak  he is my ever green favorite artist and also he is one of my inspiration in the painting world…

Vilas Nayak-Asia’s Fastest Speed Painter:

Vilas is a self-taught artist from India who started painting at the age of 3. He worked in Bangalore for about 6 years as a human resources officer before quitting his lucrative corporate job in 2011 to pursue his passion for art. Finalist of India’s Got Talent season 3 and winner of ‘EC live quotient Most Innovative Act Award’ 2012, he is currently one of the most sought after speed painting artist in the world. His performances on Asia’s Got Talent on AXN and Got Talent World Stage Live have caught attention of millions of art lovers across the world. He has performed at some of the biggest events in India and 23 other countries. He has performed in some of the most prestigious events like – United Nations General Assembly, Singapore President Star Charity show, Asia’s Got Talent, Asian Achievers Awards in London, NBA half time show for Legend Tim Duncan, Heart of Asia conference Amritsar, PM of India Narendra Modi and Japanese PM in Varanasi, Honorable President of India Sri Pranab Mukherjee, Ex President of India Abdul Kalam, Indian Armed Forces, ISRO, International Film Festival of India, Numerous International and National television appearances and many more.

Speed painting..

Hello, my dear bloggers.. from today let’s move towards the Speed Paining concept. I hope you all knew what does it mean..!!! If you don’t know you can refer below..

Speed painting is an artistic technique where the artist has a limited time to finish the work. The time can vary, usually a duration is set from several minutes to a few hours.Unlike sketches, speed paintings may be considered “finished” after the time limit is up- it is generally accepted among painters that if a piece is altered after the allotted time, it can no longer be truly considered a speed painting.

Speed painting is particularly common among digital media artists,because digital painting mediums allow for a work to circumvent drying times of traditional media. Digital media artists primarily use speed painting to practice working quickly and efficiently. Speed painting techniques are also frequently used in concept art, particularly in the early stages of a production when the polish of an individual image matters less than a clear basic presentation of many candidate concepts for consideration.

Traditional media artists also use limited-time pieces as a challenge of skill, and an exercise in not over thinking their work.

Speed painted pieces both digital and traditional are considered by artists to be an excellent exhibition of the subjective skill of a painter, as the time constraint requires efficient rendering of form and detail and a deep understanding of their chosen medium to capture a complete, strong image, and leaves little time for noticing and correcting mistakes.

In the past few years, the term “speed paint” has also come to be known as a single session of a visual art program, usually sped up and set to music, showing an artwork quickly made within the program.